Friday, May 1, 2015


I didn't realize I haven't posted here for nearly a year until I was updating the welcome letters on my icontact mailing lists. #sheepish

I've rebranded my online presence, again. This is the second time I have done so and I am contemplating if I will do a matching blogger address or just leave it here (since I never seem to blog anymore anyway). I originally rebranded after my maternity sabbatical--I had closed my office a few months prior to the sabbatical and my practice was heading in a different direction after the sabbatical. This latest rebranding came about with my family's relocation to another region of North Carolina--it seems more succinct to me and I'm kicking myself for not hitting upon its simple brilliance sooner.

The State Legislature requires EVERYTHING I do to have my name and license number on it so there's no point in doing a dba, in my opinion, because it's not simplifying anything--the rebranding is purely continuity of online presence, not a business name.

While I muse over what to do about the blog(s) you can follow my antics on facebook, twitter, and instagram. If you want to chime in your two-cents, feel free to comment below. Let me know what you would like to see here, and if it should continue here or if it should be migrated to a blog addy that matches the rest of my current online presence.

(BTW--there are a few self-care videos on the facebook page now. More will be created and uploaded at some future point.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Farm-to-Fork Fundraising Dinner

The Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market is holding a Farm-to-Fork dinner to raise funds towards the support and growth of the market.  Local food from local farmers while enjoying local music and getting to know other folks living locally.  Sounds like a great date night to me!

Tickets can be purchased from Company Shops Market or at the farmers' market.  If you purchase them from the farmers' market this Saturday, 24 May 2014, the market manager (Jenny) will also give you a FREE gift certificate for time in my chair.  Limited supplies.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Market Season Commences

Saturday was opening day for the Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market,  but I wasn't there due to illness.   It was so kind of my kids to share that with me, don't you think?  ;)

I've been mulling over how to deal with market this year.  I always end up missing out on purchase opportunities due to time and funds not coinciding.  Also, I've been wanting to get back into a 10% mindset where at least 10% of my grocery budget is local grown.  So my plan is to go to market each week with $30 cash specifically for food purchases. (For the record, I do not spend $300 per week...though I bet my kids wish I did).

The goal is to remember to post here with what I've purchased and what I make with it.  Kind of similar to when we participated in a CSA the other fall.  Best laid plans...we'll see what comes of it. 

Do y'all want to join me in this?  Did you hit a farmers' market or stand this weekend?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Technology!

I'm super excited!  My husband and I have been discussing tablets for my massage practice for about a month now.  Primarily for anatomy applications for the purpose of client education and for fine tuning bodywork skills.  I had gotten myself so cross-eyed trying to compare/contrast tablets and anatomy applications, and possibilities for electronic SOAP notes, that I decided to go in and touchy-feely.  In case you aren't on my Facebook page...I walked out with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. 

So this morning I've been getting things set up.  It's specifically for business so no Kindle app and no Bad Piggies for the toddler.  I have Square, HootSuite, Twitter, iContact, Facebook Page Manager, Blogger, a trigger point app, an anatomy app, and the iHeart Radio app loaded.

Now to explore possibilities for session notes!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Foodie Fun

I don't rightly remember how I happened upon 300 Sandwiches (because I had the tab open for at least a week before I got around to skimming it), but I'm definitely going to have to pop in every once in a while to check things out.

Apparently, the blogger's beau had made some passing comment about how she was three hundred sandwiches away from a marriage proposal.  So she's blogging those three hundred sandwiches (she's almost two-thirds of the way there), and a few tidbits of their life to keep us on our toes.  I'm calling y'alls attention to it because they're creative sandwiches, not just turkey on wheat with mayo.  And they can definitely tie into local foods.  By now y'all ought to know how excited I get about anything being local; even if I have been overly quiet here.

So swing by and peruse.  Maybe you'll happen upon tomorrow's lunch while you're there.  ;)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long Time No Chatter!

I didn't realize how quiet I've been on the blog here.  I haven't even posted my absences during the season!  Guess maybe I forgot that though the e-newsletter links to the archive page, it doesn't actually post to the blog itself.

So...there's three Saturday's left to the Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market (thanks to the City Manager for okaying an extension to the season so y'all can get fall/winter veggies).  Then I have one Saturday off before the Studio1 Snowflake Market starts up.  This Saturday I'm going to be participating in the Burlington Downtown Corp's Kickin' Off Christmas from 1p-7p.

In somewhat unrelated news, I'm still working my way through Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  My goal is to start us on some of the things that will be new to us before cutting out the things that we're going to be skipping for the next bit.  Y'all interested in following my family's journey through this for the next couple years?  Should I post about it here like I did about our CSA last fall?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Farmers' Market!

I have to admit that I'm nearly giddy with excitement for the Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market season to start in the morning.  I love being at market, and we have some new vendors joining us this year!

Remember that the market is in the municipal parking lot at Webb & Lexington (behind Company Shops Market).  We'll be there every Saturday, April through October, 8a-12p.  Opening day we'll be graced with Burlington's first ever food truck rodeo courtesy of the Central Carolina Food Truck Association.  The trucks will be open for business by 10a.

Want to know who's bringing what?  Check out the Market News.